• Chichibu precision industry(Dongguan)Co., LTD
  • Chichibu precision industry(Dongguan)Co., LTD
  • Chichibu precision industry(Dongguan)Co., LTD
  • Chichibu precision industry(Dongguan)Co., LTD
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Contacts:Mr Yao
A mobile phone:13923459211 
The mailbox:dannyyao@chi-chi-bu.com
Address:Dongguan following section YuanCheng south road no. 6
About us

  Chichibu precision industry(Dongguan)Co., LTD,Founded in2013Years8Month,The total investment1300Thousands of dollars,Employees1000More than one。The chairman is Blackpool in chapter 2,Vice chairman for attendance at Blackpool,The general manager for Ma Guangxian。
  The company mainly produces all kinds of precision shaft products and aluminum products,Its also has Blackpool precision machinery co., LTD,Mainly for the production of auto parts。Founded in high level、High efficiency production management model for production of high quality。After many years of production and research and development,The rapid development of company。
Has the most advanced high precision speed five-axis linkage machining center、NCCNC machining centers and first-class computer lathe、Automatic lathe、Numerical control CAM machine tools and various kinds of secondary processing equipment, etc1500余台。In order to guarantee the quality of the product,The company introduced a variety of high-precision testing instruments,Including sanfeng three measuring instrument、Sanfeng projector、Sanfeng hardness tester、The surface roughness measuring instrument、Out of roundness measuring instrument、Ability to disperse fluorescentXRay element analyzer, etc。Based on customer demand,Company for some special product process can also be secondary processing and all kinds of surface treatment,To provide customers with fine、Optimal、All the products...

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